Kino has a small and committed team. We consciously work with the Pikler approach and Montessori method to contribute to quality in childcare. Children hold up a mirror to us and demand our full commitment every day. This means that we never stop learning. Not only the children are developing, but we as well.

In order to deepen our vision and put it into practice, we receive training and coaching. We have an in-house pedagogical coach. Together with the manager/owner we bring out the best in ourselves and each other. We form a warm team that stands for quality and a loving approach. This is reflected in relaxed, happy children and satisfied parents.

We can solve most of the staff’s holidays and absences internally, partly because the owner herself can substitute. It is therefore a rare occasion that we need to bring in external personnel. When this is necessary, a trusted freelancer who has committed himself to Kino comes to the daycare centre to fill in.

Preschool children are more open to new people and most find it interesting when someone comes in, besides their own teacher. We carefully arrange the staffing of our baby group internally, because some little ones are sensitive to strange faces.

Our employees

  • are certified and qualified;
  • are in possession of a valid Certificate of Conduct, issued by the Ministry of Justice and Security (VOG);
  • have a sensitive attitude towards children, parents and each other;
  • are able to adapt to the needs of the child;
  • think creatively about how to adapt the environment to the development of the children;
  • are eager to learn and improve themselves;
  • have good communication skills.