I feel blessed each day to bring my daughter to this wonderful place, by far the best kindergarten in Amsterdam

My daughter Laura will be 3 years old next month and she has been coming to Kino since she was 5 months old. When choosing the daycare I heard very good things about Kino and registered in the waiting line already when I was in middle of my pregnancy, but it took a long waiting and uncertainty to see if there would be a free spot available. The waiting was definitely worth it and I feel blessed each day to bring my daughter to this wonderful place. From what I hear around this is by far the best kindergarten in Amsterdam. As a single mother without family in the country, I especially appreciate the personal flexible attitude to Laura’s needs and my own. This place feels like a family away from home. The staff is almost never changing and Laura grows up with them. All the teachers are so lovely having true love and care about the children. Another plus is that they follow Pikler and Montessori approach which is very close to me. I think Kino is the main reason why we still haven’t moved out of Amsterdam!


mother of Laura

Every child care teacher has very good knowledge of and experience with child development

It is such an adventure to find a kindergarten and get a spot for the place you choose in Amsterdam. When we found Kino, from the first day on we felt that our daughter was at the right place. She started at Kino when she was 13 months old. I was very worried about the transition period because for 13 months, she was in a bubble with her mother and father. She could not sleep by herself. I was still breastfeeding and she was not very good with solid food. So beginning daycare was a huge challenge for us. From the beginning, the carers at Kino were very helpful. First of all they taught us to trust our daughter and ourselves. We have learnt a lot from their philosophy. They never forced my daughter or us for anything. Even in the beginning they let us sit down with our daughter until she felt comfortable. It was very inspiring for us to see how they talk to children and explain everything in a compassionate manner and how the kids respond to them.

They are keeping a detailed schedule for every child and sincerely observing every child’s development and sharing with the parents. I could see that every child care teacher has very good knowledge of and experience with child development. And also they are very lovely and compassionate with the kids. It was very clear that my daughter loved to be there and feel safe in the arms of her carers there.

In the beginning 3 days a week seemed too much for me to send her to daycare. But after the very big steps she has done, she is now going to Kino 5 days a week.


We immediately felt at home

On our first, introductory visit we immediately felt at home at Kino. The atmosphere, as the children played around and filled the rooms with cheerful cooing and laugh, was inviting. The pedagogical concepts (the Pikler and Montessori methods) are close to us and we thought this kindergarten would be the best choice for us.

Throughout the months the passion and professionalism of the staff confirmed our decision. The onboarding process was tailored to our child’s developmental phase. Our son loves to go and play at Kino. He has the space and security needed for being 100% child in a creative and safe environment.