Quality control

National Childcare Register

The childcare sector is regulated by all kinds of rules and laws, which are monitored by various authorities such as the municipality, the fire services and the GGD. Kino is a registered childcare facility on the National Childcare Register, which means we have been approved by the municipality and the Municipal Health Services (GGD).

In the annual GGD report on the National Childcare Register you can read in Dutch how Kino Childcare scored during inspections. Several aspects are examined, such as the pedagogical approach, health and safety regulations, use of staff members and planning of children.

Mediating compliants

We strive to ensure that parents are more than satisfied with their child’s care at Kino. After all, our attitude is to offer children the best possible care.

Because of our open attitude, small scale and personal approach, parents can easily discuss minor issues with the pedagogical staff before the issues turn into a complaint. Parents can also easily approach the manager to discuss concerns or discomfort. It is good for parents, staff and children to not have unspoken tensions between them, that risk to quickly grow into discontent, because the well-being of children is so precious.

It may occur that parents remain concerned or do not approve of something. If, after discussion, a parent still feels that their complaint is not being dealt with, we have a complaints procedure. We are affiliated with the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards, which has a Committee for Childcare. Parents can go to the complaints desk for information, mediation and advice or to file an official complaint about the childcare organisation.